2021 Helmet Rental


Starting at $20.00


AutoInterests Helmet Rentals:

We have a limited supply of helmets available to rent.  Rentals are first come, first serve.  Please use the form below to reserve a rental helmet.

Pricing: $20/day


Helmet rental is PER DAY. If you need the helmet for the full weekend, you must rent it for EACH DAY. 

If renting a helmet for consecutive days, the helmet must still be returned to Hospitality at the end of the first day.

A driver's license will be held at Hospitality while the helmet is in use, and will be returned to you once the helmet is returned.

Head socks are provided and must be worn under the helmet.

Enhanced Sanitization Procedures:

  • Rental Helmets may only be used by one person per day.
  • All rental helmets will run for a full heat and ozone cycle on sterilizing machines after every use.
  • We have always used a sanitizing spray on our helmets; this is now a more rigorous, two-step process comprised of two different sprays in addition to cycling on helmet sterilizers.
  • Headsocks are mandatory and will be used only once & discarded.

PittRace and GingerMan also offer helmet rentals, if you are interested in renting a helmet from the track, please contact them directly for availability, pricing, and to be sure they meet our helmet requirements (SA2010 or newer).  We recommend calling in advance to reserve/rent a helmet for a specific date.  PittRace - (724) 535-1000  |  GingerMan - (269) 253-4445