2021 Season Finale HPDE


Starting at $365.00


Your Run Group is tied to your user account. If your run group is not listed, please CLICK HERE for more information before registering - do not register in the incorrect group!

DRIVERS: please review the pre-event information linked here. 

We will be running the club course with chicane.

Our Acclimation Program (half-day introductory program for first-time road course drivers) will be offered this day (Sept. 27th). The cost of the half-day Acclimation Program is $129, and will be adjusted once viewed in your cart.

Rules and Regulations:

By registering you are indicating that you have thoroughly read, understood and agree to all Policies, Rules & Requirements listed under the "Drivers" menu at the top of our website navigation bar.

Read all rules and make sure your vehicle is qualified and that you have adequate safety equipment because all fees are strictly non-refundable per our Refund, Purchase, & Cancellation Policy.

If you have any questions about your vehicle or safety equipment meeting requirements, email events@autointerests.com PRIOR to registering for an event!

If you have a credit, coupon code, or gift card it MUST be entered at checkout.  Prices can not be adjusted once your order is submitted.

General/Basic Information

What is this event/program?

This event is a high performance driver education event.  It is a safe and fun way to learn high performance driving skills and find the limits of your car in a safe and controlled environment.

Prior experience is not required - if you've never driven on a road course race track before, we welcome you to join us in our Acclimation or First-Timer group to try it out!  We promise you will have a ton of fun - our expert staff and instructors will be there to help you through the whole experience!  Whether you're an HPDE veteran, racer or first-timer we welcome you to join us to enjoy a fun, professional and learning-focused atmosphere!

What is the schedule/format?

The event is highly structured around a full schedule, you will want to be rested and energized for your day.  Plan on being at the track around 7am until approximately 5-6PM (~noon end time for Acclimation). Check your event-specific schedule for exact timing - this is linked in the menu above under "Drivers" then Schedules, linked in your account under the "My Events" tab, and sent in pre-event e-mails about 2 weeks prior to each event.

A general driver's meeting will be held that includes a mandatory safety briefing for all drivers the morning of the event, along with break-out and classroom sessions per run group throughout the event.  Be sure to read the Pre-Event Information and schedule prior to the event to familiarize yourself with the schedule for the day.

How does it work?

Simply register for your event here at autointerests.com and arrive at the track at the time shown on your event schedule.  Track personnel will ask you to sign a waiver at the gate, then head to the paddock (ask the gate staff for directions if needed) and look for the signs for Tech Inspection.  Head through the Tech Inspection lane where our friendly hospitality and tech inspection staff will get you checked in.

After that, find a place to park in the paddock and stow your personal items and follow the event schedule for the driver's meeting, classroom sessions, car control and other program components throughout the day.  If you are in an instructed run group you will be introduced to your instructor during the first classroom session.

For on-track operations - a full complement of safety staff will support and manage the event including a dedicated standby ALS ambulance crew, safety/tow crew, corner workers, tech inspectors, driving instructors, safety steward and an experienced event management team.

Drivers are divided into separate run groups based on driving experience (Acclimation, First Timer, Novice, Novice Solo, Intermediate, Advanced, Instructor) that drive on-track at different times based on a rotating schedule. "What run group should I be in?" Check this guide for assistance.

Stop by Hospitality (clearly marked with signs at the event) if you have any questions, need directions or need anything at all.

One Day Registration Cost

Acclimation Program (half-day; if offered): $129

Other Run Groups (full day):

$270 (Members: $256.50) - Tier 1 price ends Feb. 19, 2021
$305 (Members: $289.75) - Tier 2 price ends July 15, 2021
$335 (Members: $318.25) - Tier 3 price ends Aug. 27, 2021
$365 (Members: $346.75) - Tier 4 price

First-Timer and Novice run groups are subject to an Instructed Run Group Surcharge, click this link to learn more. This is discounted for Track Pack and multi-day registrations automatically.

Registration is EASY and FAST; simply login and fill in the Event Registration area to the right then click the Register button to get started.

If you have a credit, coupon code, or gift card it MUST be entered at checkout.  Prices can not be adjusted once your order is submitted.

Early Entry, Camping, Hotels, etc.

For information on early entry, camping, hotels, garage rental, fuel, concessions, track map & other event-specific information, please view the appropriate page from our main menu under "TRACKS".

HPDE Protection Plans, Garage Rentals, Helmet Rentals, Numbers

HPDE Protection Plans

Protects you from losing registration costs when life happens; protection from mechanical issues, sickness, injury and even WEATHER! Learn more here.

HPDE Protection Plans can be purchased at time of event registration OR can be purchased separately. ALL HPDE PROTECTION PLANS MUST BE PURCHASED AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT DATE TO BE VALID! 

By purchasing an HPDE Protection Plan you are indicating that you have read and agree to all the terms and conditions listed on the HPDE Protection Plan information page linked here.

Garage Rentals

Garage rentals, if available can be found here.

Helmet Rentals

We have a limited supply of helmets available to rent.  Rentals are first come, first serve.  Click here to reserve a rental helmet.

Vehicle Numbers

Numbers are required on all vehicles driving on track. You may purchase a number decal set during registration, or bring your own as long as they meet requirements (more on that here). 

Numbers will be randomly assigned and you will NOT be able to choose or request a specific number. You will receive your purchased numbers when you go through tech inspection.

Click here for full details on vehicle numbers, requirements, or to purchase anytime after registration.

Registration Confirmation/Ticketing

Upon completing your registration, you will receive an e-mail confirmation,there is no requirement to print or bring this with you. However, you may want to print your QR code ticket (if applicable) to speed up the process (this can also be found by logging into your account and going to My Events, if applicable).

Your name is automatically added to the list for entry into the event - just bring your car (along with your driver's license & helmet) directly to tech inspection at the event to get checked-in!

You can view your order details and events in your autointerests.com account. Once the digital schedule is published (usually at least 30 days prior to the event) you can view your event details, announcements link, personalized schedule and instructor pairing (if applicable) under "My Events" in your account.