Advanced Concepts School


Starting at $285.00


Advanced Concepts School with Tommy Byrne!

  • Open to all Intermediate and Advanced drivers. 

  • Open to all cars approved for AutoInterests HPDE. 

  • This school is geared towards intermediate and advanced driver skills and learning, NOT just Spec Panther series.

  • Limited to 20 drivers! Enjoy more 1 on 1 time

  • Intermediate drivers: if you're serious about honing your skills and advancing, this school is for you!


This school counts towards Spec Panther as the required comp school.

Is attendance required to compete in Spec Panther?

  • REQUIRED for all Intermediate drivers
  • REQUIRED for anybody that has no competitive experience or has never held a competition license of any kind
  • Optional, but RECOMMENDED for Advanced or higher that have competition licenses from other organizations

All drivers who pass will receive a hard card Spec Panther Competition License once their Licensing Fee has been paid.


$285 fee for the day

If you are an instructor, your discount is NOT valid since there is no instructing at this event.


9:15-9:45am - Tech & Check-in

10:00am - Classroom

  • HPDE vs TA vs W2W
  • Safety (in-car, gear, health, strapping car down & towing)
  • Car Prep (tires, brake fluids, marking tires, torquing/marking bolts, pyrometer, tire diary, etc.)

11:00am - 10 min break

11:10am - Track tour & rules of engagement

12:10am - Lunch break

1:00pm - Drill overview

1:20pm - DRILLS

  • 1:20pm 30 mins - DRILL #1: 2 laps side-by-side; the remainder of session drivers pair up & passing in corners
  • 1:50pm 15 mins - pit lane post drill discussion
  • 2:05pm 15 mins - break
  • 2:20pm 30 mins - DRILL #2: avoidance/changing environment
  • 2:50pm 15 mins - pit lane post drill discussion

3:05pm - Classroom: Spec Panther series/rules/what to buy/car prep

3:25pm - Ridealong in Spec Panther vehicles

3:45pm - 1 hour Open Session on track

4:45pm - conclusion of Advanced Concepts School

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