AutoInterests Coronavirus Updates

AutoInterests COVID-Safe Operating Plan


Register with confidence for the 2021 season

General Info:

AutoInterests continuously monitors COVID-19 guidance from the United States CDC and applicable state and local authorities within the jurisdictions where we operate. Safe operating practices have been approved by relevant health authorities and put into place - ALL events are approved to operate!

AutoInterests remains optimistic that with the distribution of vaccines for COVID-19, normal operating conditions will likely be reached at some point during the 2021 season. Until an "all clear" is given by appropriate health authorities, we will be operating under the COVID-Safe plan outlined below.

AutoInterests Plans & Procedures:

Our philosophy surrounding many of these rules and added safety measures centers around personal responsibility, as it always has.  There are many risks associated with driving on-track, just as there are risks with going anywhere outside of your home.  We cannot guarantee that anybody will not get COVID-19, we can only do our best to implement safety measures recommended by professionals.  Therefore, each individual must asses his/her own risk tolerance and take personal responsibility for their own safety.  We give you many penalty-free options to make this work.

General New Rules:

  • Anybody exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be immediately asked to leave.  The only exception will be if our on-site professional medical staff conduct a diagnostic/risk assessment and determine the participant is safe to remain.
  • Individuals identified as "vulnerable populations" per CDC guidelines are asked to consult with their healthcare provider and refrain from attending any events if appropriate.
  • Pre-Check-In technology allows contactless electronic waiver & tech form signatures prior to the event
  • Any drivers diagnosed with COVID-19 and quarantined (mandatory or voluntary) that affects their ability to attend an event will receive the same coverage for documented medical cancellations as provided in our HPDE Protection Plans at no extra charge for the duration of the 2021 season.
  • WATCH FOR PRE-EVENT E-MAILS and INFO CAREFULLY: some facilities have spectator limits/restrictions (or have completely disallowed them), mandatory temperature checks, limits on numbers of crew members with drivers, separate health forms/waivers, etc.  All venue-specific items will be communicated via pre-event e-mails and on each individual event registration/info page of

**WATCH FOR PRE-EVENT E-MAILS AND READ CAREFULLY - REQUIREMENTS MAY VARY PER TRACK/STATE**  Details of the above will be e-mailed approximately 1 week prior to each event.

Driver Procedures At The Track:

  • Contactless tech inspection/waiver procedures have been implemented - tech inspection will be "drive-through" style - drivers stay in cars in normal tech lines
  • Driver meetings will be held at the regular time, live streamed to mobile devices so close-proximity meetings are not required
  • Anybody without the capability to stream via mobile device can attend socially distanced, outdoor versions of driver meetings where needed.
  • Drivers must maintain space in the paddock - do not park directly next to each other, keep social distance by using roughly every-other space
  • No handshaking or other direct physical contact with other individuals

General Additional Protective Measures:

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout each event
  • Event staff will be required to have masks or other PPE/protective measures as appropriate
  • It is recommended and requested that cashless payment options are utilized for Hospitality items and other purchases at the track
  • AutoInterests will have dedicated sanitizing staff supplementing venue staff in routinely sanitizing commonly touched surfaces.
  • AutoInterests staff will receive training aligned with CDC and public health resources on avoidance of common contact points, social distancing and sanitizing procedures.
  • All Staff & Instructor meals will be served in a "grab-and-go" format; there will be no open serving dishes, shared utensils or communal seating areas

Instructional Procedures:

  • Instructors and students will have the option to conduct lead-follow and observational instruction rather than in-car at their discretion - this is an option in your user profile - please login and select an option.  If either party is uncomfortable with in-car, then an alternative observational method will be used.  This is an exercise in personal responsibility.
  • Where in-car instruction does take place all drivers and instructors must wear face coverings, wash hands frequently and the driver must sanitize the vehicle interior before & after with special attention to common touch points.  Instructors will be supplied with wipes and sanitizing supplies.
  • "Download" sessions must take place socially-distanced OUTSIDE of the car.
  • AutoInterests has a rental inventory of in-car communicator headsets. Previously these would be shared between students, the rental supply ensures these are not shared between students on any given day.  These will be available at just $5/day.
  • Rental in-car communicator headsets will only be permitted to be used by one person per day, will be sanitized at the end of each day, and foam microphone baffles will be discarded and replaced with new ones.

Rental Helmets - sanitizing procedures have been enhanced as follows:

  • Rental Helmets may only be used by one person per day
  • All rental helmets will run for a full heat and ozone cycle on sterilizing machines after every use
  • We have always used a sanitizing spray on our helmets; this is being enhanced to a new, more rigorous, two-step process comprised of two different sprays in addition to cycling on helmet sterilizers
  • Headsocks are mandatory and will be used only once & discarded.

AutoInterests is intimately familiar with risk management and safety protocol development.  As always, the health and safety of our drivers and staff are of the utmost importance to us.  We are prepared to continue to invest in supplies, technology and equipment to make our events safe in this challenging environment.