Event Overview, Format, & Schedule

Event Overview

Our program is called HPDE for a reason - we do not host races, and events are not timed. We provide High Performance Driver's Education which means we are focused on learning, safety and fun.

In the HPDE program, drivers are grouped according to his or her individual driving experience level.  Passing is only permitted with point-by signals in designated areas.

Drivers use their own vehicle to drive on track.  Rental vehicles are not available.

HPDE is for everyone - performance driving or race experience is not required! This is a great opportunity to learn the dynamics of your car; which can prove useful on the street or on the track. Most importantly, we promise you will have a ton of fun! Instructors are available for those that are just beginning.

HPDE Format

Track Time:

First Timer, Novice, Intermediate, & Advanced drivers will get at least 2.5 hours of hot track time per day!

Run Groups:

Acclimation, First Timer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, & Instructor

Drivers are required to select the correct run group based on their experience.  
If you are unsure, please review our Run Group Guide here.

For information on our Acclimation Program for first time road course drivers, please click here.

The number of drivers per run group varies depending on the track venue, length of track, and run group. We limit the number of drivers in each run group to an appropriate number which allows for maximum enjoyment of everyone on track. 


Passing is only permitted when signaled and in designated areas.


Click here for a typical schedule.  Event-specific schedules will be sent in pre-event emails and published on event registration pages once available.

Drivers need to arrive at the track at 7:00 am for check-in and tech inspection.  Generally, the track is hot from 8:30am-5:00pm, with the exception of a lunch break.  

Additional details or information along with any schedule changes are sent VIA EMAIL prior to the event.  Please check your emails prior to the event.