Helmet Information & Requirements

Driver Requirements:

Clothing: no special driving gear is required, aside from a long sleeve shirt and long pants (both should be 100% cotton), and lace up close toed shoes.  


Must be SA2005 or newer.  No DOT or M helmets.

SA2005 or newer is REQUIRED. Absolutely no DOT-only or M-only rated helmets.  If your helmet is not SA2005, SA2010, or SA2015, you will not be permitted to go on track.

Open face or full face is your choice - both are acceptable as long as it is SA2005 or newer.

A note to those with FIA standard helmets:  FIA 8859-2015 helmets are acceptable.  FIA 8860 helmets are NOT acceptable as they align to an outdated Snell SA2000 spec.

The ONLY exception to this is for students participating in the Acclimation Program: Any DOT approved helmet with protection for the top and both sides of head is acceptable.  However, Snell SA2005 or higher helmets are recommended. 


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Why the SA rating?

As horsepower ratings on cars go up and tracks are setup to allow more speed it becomes important to upgrade safety equipment.  Helmets MUST be SA2005 or newer rated to provide appropriate protection for drivers.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this.

The SA standard better protects you in the case of an accident within a vehicle, as they were specifically designed for automotive use.

The following information notes the differences between helment types (found on the Snell Foundation's FAQ page):

The SA standard was designed for competitive auto racing while the M standard was for motorcycling and other motorsports. The K standard was released to accommodate helmets used in karting. There are three major differences between them:

  1. The SA standard requires flammability test while the M and K standards do not.
  2. The SA and K standards allow for a narrower visual field than the M standard (Some SA and K certified helmets may not be street legal).
  3. The SA and K standards include a rollbar multi-impact test while the M standard does not.