About AutoInterests

AutoInterests was formed by a group of automotive enthusiasts looking for their own way to provide a friendly environment for fellow enthusiasts to participate in various types of events, discussion and camaraderie.

Our primary focus is to establish and host high performance driving events (HPDE) at road course tracks in the Midwest.  We welcome both experienced enthusiasts and those that are new to performance driving.


The mission of AutoInterests is to support the motorsports enthusiast community, specifically catering to owners of street production sports cars and tuner cars.  This is accomplished by hosting safe, educational and fun road course track events and by reinvesting in the motorsports community.

Track events are our primary line of business but we reinvest proceeds heavily into the motorsports community by supporting our own.  This includes sponsoring other automotive events such as car shows and patronizing motorsports-friendly vendors for our needs.

Performance Driving Events

A longtime specialty of AutoInterests is organizing safe, fun and welcoming performance driving/road course events.

We have always specialized in road course performance driving events.  Our events welcome all makes and models of cars as well as both experienced and novice drivers.

Our groups for track events feature a friendly group of staff and participants with the common goal of an outstanding performance driving experience and a great time!

Vehicles at our track events range from a stock Ford Taurus to supercharged Dodge Vipers.  Everyone is able to have a great time and have a unique performance driving experience due to the organization of run groups and assistance of fantastic, experienced instructors.

Whether you have never participated in a performance driving event or are a seasoned veteran we encourage you to attend our events for a unique, diverse experience in a welcoming atmosphere!

We provide a great alternative to exclusive club events/groups!

Additional Events

In addition to our namesake branded events, we promote and host motorsport and enthusiast events for clubs and corporate groups as well as our additional brands:

  • CARFESTSM – an annual 3 day festival to celebrate cars and driving!
  • NEO Cars & Coffee – a seasonal cruise-in and dyno day series held during the summer in Northeast Ohio.

Come Drive With Us!

Experience the best road course performance driving events with prime 2016 HPDE dates at Mid-Ohio, Pitt Race and GingerMan! With a friendly, positive and educational atmosphere we have something for everyone! We offer the best value with tons of track time and a fantastic format.

Experienced drivers can escape high pressure racing and strict clubs to enjoy a safe and simple format.

Never driven on a track before? Try our Road Course Acclimation Program!

With no exclusivity and no "membership" required, we make it easy for drivers of all makes and models to enjoy themselves. Our events provide a comfortable, fun and safe experience for everyone - from novice to very advanced track drivers. Frequent drivers can enjoy additional savings and convenience from our FAST PASS program!

For the ultimate HPDE experience, check out our annual 3 day festival to celebrate cars and driving - CARFEST!

Groups and car clubs: check out our group/club specials!

Register for an event today to experience the best in performance driving!

Upcoming Track Events

South Haven, MI
Saturday, May 27, 2017
South Haven, MI
Saturday, May 27, 2017
South Haven, MI
Sunday, May 28, 2017
Wampum, PA
Saturday, July 1, 2017
Wampum, PA
Saturday, July 1, 2017
Wampum, PA
Sunday, July 2, 2017

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