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2023 Helmet Rental

AutoInterests Helmet Rentals:

We have a limited supply of helmets available to rent.  Rentals are first come, first serve.  Please use the form below to reserve a rental helmet.

Pricing: $25/day

  • Helmet rental is PER DAY. If you need the helmet for the full weekend, you must rent it for EACH DAY. 

  • If renting a helmet for consecutive days, the helmet must still be returned to Hospitality at the end of the first day.

  • A driver's license will be held at Hospitality while the helmet is in use, and will be returned to you once the helmet is returned.

  • Head socks are provided and must be worn under the helmet.

Enhanced Sanitization Procedures:

  • All rental helmets will run for a full heat and ozone cycle on sterilizing machines after every use.

  • We have always used a sanitizing spray on our helmets; this is now a more rigorous, two-step process comprised of two different sprays in addition to cycling on helmet sterilizers.

  • Headsocks are mandatory and will be used only once & discarded.