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All of our instructors are expected to work from our curriculum which is integrated into our Run Group Guide.  All instructors who are approved by us also receive a copy of our Instruction Manual which they are expected to fully read and adhere to.

ALL INSTRUCTORS at any given event, whether part of the AutoInterests team or working independently/privately, must attend the Instructor Meeting at each event, which is generally held at 7:30am, or 30 minutes prior to the general driver's meeting.  See individual event schedules for exact time & location.

First-Timer and Novice run groups are subject to an Instructed Run Group Surcharge, click this link to learn more.

First-Timers & Acclimation

First-Timer & Acclimation drivers will be scheduled to have an in-car instructor for a minimum of the first half of the day continuously, it is possible for them to be signed off to drive solo later in the day, but depending on skills and capability, may be required to have an instructor for the entire day.

In-car instruction is supplemented by mandatory classroom sessions and car control exercises (where available, depending on venue - see schedule and/or announcements at each event).


Novice drivers are assumed to have sufficient on-track driving experience to drive solo.  This specifically means that, at a minimum, they are expected to be competent in all of the "FIRST-TIME SKILLS" in our curriculum. Accordingly, instructors are scheduled to assist novice drivers in alternating sessions throughout the day - driving one with an instructor, one solo.  

If you do not possess the necessary skills linked in our curriculum, do not feel comfortable driving solo or prefer to have an instructor with you for every session, you should sign up for the First-Timer group.

In-car instruction is supplemented by mandatory classroom sessions and car control exercises (where available, depending on venue - see schedule and/or announcements at each event).

Novice Solo, Intermediate & Advanced

We provide instruction to Novice Solo, Intermediate & Advanced drivers only by request and as available.  The number of instructors working a given event will determine the amount of assistance we can provide to these drivers.  If you are not comfortable driving solo or want to make sure you have an instructor, you should sign up for one of the novice groups as appropriate per the above descriptions.  Acclimation, First-Timer & Novice are the only groups where we guarantee instructor availability.  E-mail prior to your scheduled event to make arrangements if you are an intermediate or advanced driver seeking instruction and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Novice Solo, Intermediate & Advanced run groups are assigned group leaders, all of whom are approved AutoInterests instructors, to conduct meetings and work with drivers on any issues or concerns throughout the day.  Any questions or issues should be brought to the attention of your assigned group leader who is introduced during the mandatory morning driver's meeting at each event.  Stay tuned to announcements at each event as your group leader may call impromptu meetings throughout the day to communicate any issues and check-in with drivers as appropriate/needed.

Private Coaches & Individual/Independent Instructors


Of course, all of our instructors meet our standards and have been approved by us, but sometimes drivers have/know instructors they wish to work with who have not worked for AutoInterests or only offer individual/private coaching.  

Anybody serving in an instructor or driving coach capacity at one of our events MUST have an APPROVED instructor application on-file with us. 

It is unacceptable for anybody to act as an instructor or driving coach (regardless of whether they are paid or volunteering) that has not been approved by us to act in such a capacity - this includes Intermediate and Advanced drivers who my hire their own instructors/coaches. It is acceptable to hire your own instructor or coach but the person you are hiring must be approved by us first.


Here is our Instructor Application that should be completed by anybody wishing to become an instructor or by any third party driving coaches/instructors who wish to conduct activities at any of our events.  

Please allow at least one week for applications to be reviewed by our chief instructors as time must be permitted for any questions, reference checks, etc. 

If you believe you already have an application on file with us, please inquire by e-mailing and we can let you know if you are already an approved instructor.