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Your Name
Have you driven at an AutoInterests event?
Have you instructed HPDE before?
Questions 1
I won't even drive it on track
I can drive it but wouldn't instruct it
Sufficient to teach a first timer
Acceptable and could instruct a novice
Extremely strong and could instruct advanced
Tracks Driven
Vehicle Experience (list vehicles you have significant or special experience with)
Instructing Licenses/Certifications (active, not expired)
Have you previously been approved to instruct with AutoInterests?
REFERENCES for your instructing experience (include name, phone & email)
Instructor Training (list any instructor clinics, training, workshops or similar continuing education you have attended for HPDE instruction - NOT COMPETITIVE RACING)
Books or Publications Read (list any books, publications or similar materials you have read as a self-study to assist you as an instructor)
What have you done to prepare you for the role of instructing? What caused you to be interested?
Based on your experiences as a student, what made your favorite instructors good or effective?
Based on your experiences as a student, what were the things you liked least about any instructors that should be avoided when working with students?
What other experiences or qualifications do you have that should be considered when evaluating your application to instruct with us?