Vehicle Numbers

Numbers are required on all vehicles driving on track.

Numbers are required on vehicles to help corner workers and other drivers identify vehicles.  As events grow, so do the number of similar vehicles and differentiating them becomes increasingly important to report driver issues or offenses on-track.  This also provides a tracking mechanism for our safety staff to record driver safety records and incidents.

Need numbers?

You may purchase numbers directly from us or you are welcome to use an outside source, just make sure they meet the requirements listed in the section below titled "Have numbers?"

  • Our numbers will be white vinyl, with 6" tall numbers.
  • Numbers will be randomly assigned and you will not be able to choose or request a specific number.
  • You will receive your purchased numbers when you go through tech inspection.
  • Pre-purchased number decals are $5.  If you do not pre-purchase numbers and arrive without your own, numbers will cost $5 on-site.

Select the event you are purchasing numbers for, and then add to your cart. If you are purchasing numbers for multiple events, you will need to add one to your cart for each separate event (if you did not add it on during registration).

Links to purchase numbers once available will be added below:

April 24-25 at Summit Point

May 14-16 at Nelson Ledges

May 22-23 at PittRace

May 24 at Mid-Ohio

May 29-30 at GingerMan

June 21 at Mid-Ohio

June 25-27 at Nelson Ledges

July 3-4 at PittRace

July 12 at Mid-Ohio

July 30 - August 2 at Summit Point

August 7-8 at NCM

August 20-22 at Nelson Ledges

August 23 at Mid-Ohio

Sept. 3-5 at PittRace

Sept. 27 at Mid-Ohio

Have numbers?

Great!  Just be sure that they meet our requirements and you record your number in "My Garage", and you'll be good to go!

Your numbers must be:

  • clear and easy to read
  • durable enough to stay on for the duration of the event - magnetic numbers are NOT recommended!
  • be at least 6" tall
  • must be applied to both sides of the vehicle
  • Your numbers must be on the vehicle prior to entering tech inspection.

To record your vehicle number:

  • Log in
  • Click on "My Account"
  • Click on "My Garage"
  • Add or edit your vehicle and record in the "Permanent #" field