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Spectators are FREE at regular HPDE events.  This excludes special events (which will be noted on the event registration page).  

Nelson Ledges Road Course collects a $10 gate fee to all non-drivers (this is a track fee, not an AutoInterests fee).

If a spectator wants to do any ride-alongs, they will need to sign the AutoInterests waiver (different from the track's waiver) and purchase a passenger wristband.  Passenger wristbands may be purchased for $15 at Hospitality - look for the Hospitality sign.


All passengers must have a passenger wristband, which may be purchased for $15 at AutoInterests Hospitality, after signing the AutoInterests waiver.

One passenger is permitted in the front of each vehicle with certain restrictions:

First Timers and Novice drivers may not have passengers, with the exception of instructors.  Novices may only have a passenger if approved. Driver seat & restraint must match the passenger seat & restraint (if mismatched, passengers will not be permitted - this includes instructors)

Intermediate and Advanced drivers may have passengers as long as the passenger has the same safety equipment as the driver - helmet, equal seats & restraints (both either standard seat belts or harnesses but not mis-matched) and HANS device if applicable.

Additional Driver Policy

Track Damage

Drivers are solely responsible for any track damage they cause – this includes damage to any barriers and/or surfaces, oil dry used to clean up fluid leaks/spills, fire extinguishers, etc. 

Drivers will be billed for such damages and/or consumables. Payment must be made at the time an invoice is received.

The costs are typically billed by the race track venue (or their third party service provider) to AutoInterests - these are not "marked up" in any way and drivers are only responsible for actual costs incurred.

3-Strike Policy

We employ a 3-strike policy at our driving events.  Any of the following violations will result in a strike.  Penalties for each strike are outlined below.


  • Illegal start, not waiting for starter point
  • 2 wheels off, repeatedly
  • Failure to come in following 2 wheels off (to check car)
  • Spin or 4 wheels off
  • Failure to observe flags
  • Drifting
  • Exiting car on track (unless on fire)
  • Passing zone violations
  • Passing without a point-by
  • Failure to use pit signal
  • Too fast in the hot pits
  • Speeding in the paddock
  • We reserve the right to declare reckless driving


  • Strike 1 – a warning will be issued
  • Strike 2 – you will sit out the next session
  • Strike 3 – you will leave the facility and receive no refund
  • Avoidable contact with another car is an instant removal from event.


Refund, Purchase & Cancellation Policy