Spectators are FREE at regular HPDE events.  This excludes CARFEST and special events (which will be noted on the event registration page).  

Nelson Ledges Road Course collects a $10 gate fee to all non-drivers (this is a track fee, not an AutoInterests fee).

If a spectator wants to do any ride-alongs, they will need to sign the AutoInterests waiver (different from the track's waiver) and purchase a passenger wristband.  Passenger wristbands may be purchased for $10 at Hospitality - look for the Hospitality sign.


All passengers must have a passenger wristband, which may be purchased for $10 at the AutoInterests table/garage, after signing the AutoInterests waiver.

One passenger is permitted in the front of each vehicle with certain restrictions:

First Timers and Novice drivers may not have passengers, with the exception of instructors.  Novices may only have a passenger if approved. Driver seat & restraint must match the passenger seat & restraint (if mismatched, passengers will not be permitted - this includes instructors)

Intermediate and Advanced drivers may have passengers as long as the passenger has the same safety equipment as the driver - helmet, equal seats & restraints (both either standard seat belts or harnesses but not mis-matched) and HANS device if applicable.

Additional Driver - sharing car in a DIFFERENT run group

Drivers may share a vehicle in separate run groups.  

Each driver needs to register for the event as normal.  

Please be aware that car sharing with a First Timer or Novice may result in missing an Intermediate/Advanced session, and/or at least one First Timer/Novice car control session.  Please inform your instructor and the classroom director if you are a First Timer/Novice who is sharing a vehicle with an Intermediate or Advanced driver.

Additional Driver - sharing a car in the SAME run group

If you plan to share a car with a friend or family member and allow them to drive your car on track in the same run group you are registered in, an additional driver wristband must be purchased:

  • Additional Driver wristbands are $15 and are available at hospitality, just look for the sign at an event. 
  • The additional driver wristband does qualify as a passenger wristband as well, subject to the passenger policy above.  
  • All additional drivers must attend all mandatory driver's meetings including the one held before the track goes hot each morning of an event.

Additional drivers MUST HAVE APPROPRIATE DRIVING EXPERIENCE and have been approved for the run group they are "sharing" with the primary registered driver. 

  • If their experience/skill level does not match yours, an additional entry must be purchased in the appropriate run group for their skill level. 
  • Any driver determined not to be in the appropriate run group is subject to removal or reassignment.  There are no refunds available if an additional driver does not meet the requirements of the shared run group and is disqualified from driving.  We will credit the additional driver wristband fee toward the purchase of an entry in the appropriate run group (subject to availability) if deemed appropriate and desired by the driver.


FIRST-TIMERS may not share a car within the same day.

  • First-time drivers must fully participate in the entire day of the instruction/coaching program in order to gain key driving skills and ensure a safe experience.  
  • However, first-timers MAY sign up for a 2-day event and each drive one day.  If opting for this choice, please FIRST email so that we can assist you in getting the 2-day rate since each driver must register separately.

NOVICES with at least 5 days of driving (at the track they are looking to sign up for) may share a car with another driver of the same experience level within the same day.  

  • Novices who elect to share their track time with another driver should realize they will not gain the full benefit of the instruction program.  
  • It is recommended that two novices who plan to share a car sign up for a 2-day event and each drive one day rather than alternate sessions within the same day.  If opting for this choice, please FIRST email so that we can assist you in getting the 2-day rate since each driver must register separately.

Track Damage

Drivers are solely responsible for any track damage they cause – this includes damage to any barriers and/or surfaces, oil dry used to clean up fluid leaks/spills, fire extinguishers, etc. 

Drivers will be billed for such damages and/or consumables. Payment must be made at the time an invoice is received. 

3-Strike Policy

We employ a 3-strike policy at our driving events.  Any of the following violations will result in a strike.  Penalties for each strike are outlined below.


  • Illegal start, not waiting for starter point
  • 2 wheels off, repeatedly
  • Failure to come in following 2 wheels off (to check car)
  • Spin or 4 wheels off
  • Failure to observe flags
  • Drifting
  • Exiting car on track (unless on fire)
  • Passing zone violations
  • Passing without a point-by
  • Failure to use pit signal
  • Too fast in the hot pits
  • Speeding in the paddock
  • We reserve the right to declare reckless driving


  • Strike 1 – a warning will be issued
  • Strike 2 – you will sit out the next session
  • Strike 3 – you will leave the facility and receive no refund
  • Avoidable contact with another car is an instant removal from event.

Refund, Purchase & Cancellation Policy