HPDE Points

HPDE Points

Industry-first loyalty reward system!  Earn points for every event registration; redeem points for discounts on future event registrations!


All drivers receive 1 point per every $1 spent on autointerests.com

Members get DOUBLE points 2 points per every $1 spent on autointerests.com

Fast Pass holders get TRIPLE points3 points per every $1 spent on autointerests.com

How it works:

Points automatically accrue in your account and are displayed on the HPDE Points tab in your user profile. You'll be able to view your total number of points and history of point transactions.

You will have the option to redeem points in increments of 500 which is equivalent to a $15 coupon, valid toward any HPDE registration.  Once you choose to redeem points, the coupon will be valid for 30 days.

All points expire after 1 year, but (if you are subscribed to our newsletters) you will receive periodic email reminders to let you know when your points are expiring.

All points and coupons generated from points are valid only in the driver's account who earned them and are strictly non-transferrable.

Terms and conditions of the AutoInterests HPDE Points program are subject to change at any time without notice.

This program will be activated prior to 2020 season event sales.