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Spec Panther 2024 season presented by Summit Racing Equipment

2024 Schedule:

  • Sunday May 26 @ GingerMan Raceway

  • Sunday June 9 @ Nelson Ledges

  • Sunday Aug. 18 @ Nelson Ledges

  • Sunday Sept. 1 @ Pitt Race

  • Monday Sept. 9 @ Mid-Ohio

2024 Teams & Drivers:

Team # Team Name Drivers
264 X-Sport Daniel Kern
9 Ferrara Farm Racing Jeff Ferrara, Joey Ferrara
335 Gray Schoolbus Dale Nicholson
531 Purple Heart Racing Sean Clifton, Jon Webber
224 P70 One Time Holley Goddard, Steve Thomsen
1583 Taxi-Vader Hunter Wilson
97 GridWerks Alec Inhouse, Josh Widman
28 Moore than Speed Jon Moore, John Hall, Pat Moro, Ryan Kerr
66 2D1V Rick Hoback
50 SP 50 Josh Marvin, Jeff Dick
27 Wheels to Wheels Derek Mortland, Ryan Scott, Sef DeChristopher
234 Notdacop Mike Radak
19 HOT PURSUIT Jill Giesler, Rob McCray



Spec Panther is a racing series formed by AutoInterests, LLC. Its name is derived from the Ford “Panther” platform that the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car were built on. This series has no affiliation with Ford Motor Company or any of its subsidiaries – it retains ownership of the respective trademarks for the naming of its vehicles/models.

AutoInterests, LLC has operated a high performance driving school program in the Midwest United States for more than 10 years and introduced Spec Panther as its first competitive race series in 2020. Currently the races are conducted as time trial events in separate run groups within the AutoInterests HPDE schedule.

Spec Panther aims to be a very affordable, accessible and fun form of racing.  The cars are generally inexpensive to obtain and the series rules do not require (or allow) significant, costly modifications.  In addition, Spec Panther aims to encourage driver skill development via the AutoInterests HPDE program.  Initially, drivers and teams will be formed by invitation and must have gone through the AutoInterests HPDE program (or have compatible relevant experience).


Team & Racer Fees



  • One car per team
  • Annual team registration cost of $60



  • $15 annual licensing fee
  • Must be an Instructor or approved Advanced/Intermediate driver
  • Will receive hard card Spec Panther Series license

Race Registration

All driving Team Members must be registered for race events they are participating in.


Spec Panther Registration Flowchart

COST (this is a text version of what is shown in the flowchart above):

Senior or Chief instructing on race day:

  • Race registration is FREE for Senior and Chief instructors registered to instruct on race day.
  • Must still REGISTER! - use your Instructor Discount code at checkout.
  • Transponder rental is FREE per Chief Instructor team members.
  • Transponder rental is $15/race per Senior Instructor team members.

Level 1-5 instructing on race day:

  • Race registration is FREE for Level 1-5 instructors registered to instruct on race day.
  • Must still REGISTER! - use coupon code HPDE at checkout.
  • Transponder rental is $20/race per Level 1-5 Instructor team members.

Registered for HPDE on race day:

  • FREE for those already registered for HPDE that day.
  • Must still REGISTER! - use coupon code HPDE at checkout.
  • Transponder rental is $30/race per team member.

Not Instructing - or - Not Registered in HPDE on race day:

  • $100/race per team - includes all drivers but can only drive during Spec Panther sessions.
  • All drivers must REGISTER! One person must pay the race fee. Additional team drivers use coupon code TEAM at checkout.
  • Transponder rental is $30/race per team member.

Livery Specification


Spec Panther Livery Specification



Pre-Race Information