Spec Panther


Spec Panther is a racing series formed by AutoInterests, LLC. Its name is derived from the Ford “Panther” platform that the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car were built on. This series has no affiliation with Ford Motor Company or any of its subsidiaries – it retains ownership of the respective trademarks for the naming of its vehicles/models.

AutoInterests, LLC has operated a high performance driving school program in the Midwest United States for more than 10 years and introduced Spec Panther as its first competitive race series in 2020. Currently the races are conducted as time trial events in separate run groups within the AutoInterests HPDE schedule.

Spec Panther aims to be a very affordable, accessible and fun form of racing.  The cars are generally inexpensive to obtain and the series rules do not require (or allow) significant, costly modifications.  In addition, Spec Panther aims to encourage driver skill development via the AutoInterests HPDE program.  Initially, drivers and teams will be formed by invitation and must have gone through the AutoInterests HPDE program (or have compatible relevant experience).