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What is AutoInterests?

AutoInterests is a professional motorsports event management business specializing in HPDE (High Performance Driver Education) for sports car drivers.  We started as a car club in 2004 wanting to learn to drive our cars fast but safely, off public roadways.  Our group initially consisted of enthusiast friends and quickly grew through word of mouth.  We've now transformed into the professional grassroots motorsports organization that we are today, sharing our passion for driving with anybody who wants to experience it!  All makes and models of cars are welcome with no membership required!

Driving Perfection

Our motto is "Driving Perfection" which has two meanings to us.  First, we strive to help our drivers achieve perfection in their skills.  Nobody is ever perfect, but we should always be striving for improvement and getting one step closer to "perfection".

In addition to actual driving skills, we are always striving for perfection in our operations.  We want to be the driving force for improvements in our industry.  Leading the way with improvements in operations based on feedback from our drivers through the use of technology has been key to our growth.  We'll never stop Driving Perfection to provide the best possible experience for our drivers!

No Track Days Here...

Our services and events are sometimes compared with "track days".  You won't see us use the term "track days" in our program materials or marketing and that's because we don't offer them.  We offer HPDE which is a superior, managed event experience.  Our drivers enjoy a premium performance driving event where a professional staff is constantly monitoring conditions, behaviors and activities.  Any occurrences that are unsafe or otherwise undesireable are immediately addressed to keep drivers safe and happy.  In addition, we use proprietary technology to provide a superior level of organization and structure to ensure an excellent experience for our drivers.


The mission of AutoInterests is to provide high quality, safe and accessible driver's education events with the ultimate goal of making drivers better.  This is accomplished by combining top notch instructors and curriculum with technology and processes that create a fun, friendly and educational environment.  Through all of this, we put the utmost emphasis on safety.

HPDE is our primary line of business that we are constantly reinvesting in, it is not a "side" business, ancillary activity or afterthought and is why our program stands out above the rest.


We are the experts in performance driving!

Our HPDE program welcomes all makes and models of cars with all skill level of drivers (novice to expert).

Our events feature a friendly group of staff and participants with the common goal of an outstanding performance driving experience and a great time!

Vehicles at our events range from a stock Ford Taurus to supercharged Dodge Vipers.  Everyone is able to have a great time with driver's separated by skill level into different run groups and assistance from our fantastic, experienced instructors.

Whether you have never participated in HPDE or are a seasoned veteran we encourage you to attend our events for a unique, diverse experience in a welcoming atmosphere!

HPDE is a great alternative to exclusive, high pressure clubs and racing groups!