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Acclimation Program Flyer


If you prefer to sign-up for a FULL-DAY, you are welcome to register in the FIRST TIMER run group instead! The Acclimation Program is NOT a pre-requisite for the First Timer run group. The Acclimation Program was designed as a lower cost, half-day option for those who are not yet ready to commit to a full day on track.

  • Acclimation Program = half day

  • First Timer = full day

2022 Acclimation Program Dates

SUN May 15 @ Nelson Ledges

FRI May 20 @ Pitt Race

SAT May 28 @ GingerMan

MON June 13 @ Mid-Ohio

FRI June 24 @ Nelson Ledges

SUN July 3 @ Pitt Race

SAT July 30 @ Summit Point (Shenandoah Circuit)

SAT Aug. 20 @ Nelson Ledges

SUN Sept. 4 @ Pitt Race

MON Sept. 26 @ Mid-Ohio

2022 Acclimation Program Registration

To register for the Acclimation Program:

  • Log in (or create a new account)
  • Click here to view events (or from the menu select Register -> Events)
  • Click on the event date you wish to register for
  • Select "Acclimation" as your "Run Group" on the event registration form (the cost of the half-day Acclimation Program is $129, and will be adjusted once viewed in your cart)
  • Complete the registration form, click "Add to Cart", then complete checkout

NOTE: If Acclimation is not shown as an option on the registration form, the Acclimation Program is not being offered that day. In some cases for weekend events, the Acclimation Program may only be available for one day instead of both. Please reference the list below for available dates.