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Effective for the 2020 Season, an "instructed run group surcharge" applies to First-Timer and Novice full-day program registrations.  The surcharge is reduced for (experienced) Novice drivers.  It is included in the Acclimation Program introductory half-day program base fee.

On a per-day basis, the fee is $29 for First-Timer drivers, and $19 for (experienced) Novice drivers.  The fees are reduced when drivers in these run groups purchase Track Packs and certain other pre-season discounted packages.

The funds received from this surcharge are invested directly back into the program in the following ways:

  • Funding instructor benefit programs that attract and retain qualified instructors.
  • Program equipment and supplies such as car control cones, A/V equipment, etc.
  • Creation and ongoing development of professional classroom content and curriculum
  • Technology enhancements such as real-time, web-based student-instructor pairings and future features to enhance the learning experience
  • Facility usage costs incurred to support the time/areas used for instruction
  • Additional staffing required to operate instructional programs

AutoInterests takes pride in offering the industry's highest quality instructional program and continues to serve as a leader for beginner and novice driver development.  These continued investments make it possible to uphold our high standards while continuing to enhance our program.  This ensures that lesser experienced drivers get the knowledge to keep them safe, and critical foundational skills to continue to advance as drivers.

These fees are non-refundable, however, drivers who register as a First-Timer or Novice that are later moved up to higher run groups (where a reduced, or no surcharge would apply), are eligible for a pro-rated store credit for the surchage.  Credits must be requested prior to the scheduled events where driving in a higher run group, and are not available after the event has passed regardless of which group was driven in.