Spec Panther Rules

2021 RULES


  1. Driver must be in the Instructor or Advanced group. Drivers not meeting this criteria may petition the Chief Instructor for approval.
  2. Maximum of 4 people per team, one car per team
  3. Spec Panther Competition School & Licensing
    1. REQUIRED for all Intermediate drivers that wish to compete in Spec Panther
    2. REQUIRED for anybody that has no competitive experience or has never held a competition license of any kind
    3. Optional, but RECOMMENDED for Advanced or higher that have competition licenses from other organizations


  1. TEAMS:
    1. One car per team
    2. Annual team registration cost of $60
  2. RACERS:
    1. $15 annual licensing fee
    2. Must be an Instructor or approved Advanced/Intermediate driver
    3. Will receive hard card Spec Panther Series license
    1. FREE for Senior or higher level instructors
    2. FREE for those already registered for HPDE that day (including Level 1-5 instructors)
    3. Otherwise, $100/race per team - includes all drivers but can only drive during Spec Panther sessions


  1. Models

    1. 1992 or newer Ford Crown Victoria
    2. 1992 or newer Mercury Grand Marquis
    3. 1991 or newer Lincoln Town Car
  2. Weight

    1. Vehicle must weigh 4150 pounds with driver directly after a race
    2. A stock vehicle will qualify
  3. OEM Equipment

    1. Vehicle MUST have the following OEM compenents intact; NO EXCEPTIONS:
      1. Dash
      2. Door panels
      3. Headliner
    2. If any or all of the following factory items are not in place, a 200lb weight penalty will be incurred PER item):
      1. Carpet or vinyl/rubber floor
      2. Functional radio
      3. Passenger seat
      4. AC/heat (does not have to be working, but entire system must be intact)
      5. Horn
        1. Sirens may be substituted in place of horn
      6. Ballast must be secured in trunk; trunk bulk head must remain in place
  4. Engine

    1. Engine must be OWM 4.6L 2V configuration
      1. This includes but is not limited to all internals, heads, cam, intake manifold
      2. The only exception is an aftermarket cold air intake
    2. Engine parts from later model years are permitted
    3. Exhaust manifold(s) must be stock 4.6L; all other exhaust components may be modified
    4. Factory stock OEM ECU is mandatory
    5. Larger radiators along with additional engine, transmission and/or differential coolers are permitted to promote ruggedness and reliability
    6. All vehicles may be subject to dyno evaluation if they are seen as suspect from the Competition Director
  5. Drive Train

    1. OEM drive train configuration must be maintained
    2. Ford Model AODE, 4R70W, 4R75 transmissions are the only model of transmission allowed
      1. Modifications to improve reliability such as shift kits and improved cooling are allowed
    3. Any OEM limited slip differential is permitted
  6. Chassis

    1. Aftermarket A arms, trailing arms, control arms, etc. are prohibited
    2. Any OEM spring is permitted
      1. Adjustable coilovers are prohibited
      2. Any OE equivalent non-adjustable damper is allowed
    3. Any OEM sway bar is permitted
      1. Aftermarket performance sway bars are prohibited
    4. No exposed holes in the firewall
    5. Battery must remain in the stock location
      1. Lead acid or gel batteries only
  7. Brakes

    1. Any factory OE Panther brake caliper required
    2. One piece stock-size rotors are mandatory
    3. Any brake pad compound is permitted
  8. Wheels

    1. Wheel adapters are prohibited
    2. Wheel spacers are prohibited
  9. Tires

    1. Must not exceed 275mm in width
    2. Minimum treadwear rating of 350
  10. Body

    1. All body panels must be in place
      1. Missing body panel will constitute a last place start
    2. All factory glass must be in place
    3. Aerodynamic modifications are prohibited
  11. Safety

    1. Vehicle Safety Equipment
      1. The same level of safety equipment must be in place for all occupants of the vehicle
      2. All factory seat belts must function and be of serviceable quality
        1. Properly installed harnesses may be substituted for factory seat belts
      3. Tow points must be present in both the front and rear of the vehicle and must be clearly labeled
      4. Headlights, taillights, blinkers and wipers must all be in place and functional
      5. Fire extinguisher is mandatory
        1. 2lb minimum for standard extinguisher or 22oz FireAde
        2. Must be mounted within reach of driver
    2. Personal Safety Equipment
      1. Helmet - SA2010 minimum
      2. Seat belts
        1. 3-point belt - recommend Simpson Hybrid S type neck restraint
        2. 5/6-point belt - Simpson Hybrid S type or HANS style neck restraint required
        3. 4-point belts are prohibited
      3. SFI 3.2A/1 rated fire suit (Nomex underwear or equivalent, or SFI 3.2A/5 rated suit recommended)
      4. Nomex fire retardant gloves
      5. SFI rated racing shoe or full coverage leather shoes
  12. Specifically Prohibited

    1. Any modifications not specifically approved above are prohibited and will result in likely disqualification, so do not try to get away with unapproved modifications
    2. Any Mercury Marauder specific components are prohibited
    3. Superchargers, turbos and nitrous are prohibited
  13. Events

    1. Events will be conducted "Time Attack" style with competition based on lap times. This is not "wheel to wheel" racing, but race against the clock.
    2. Lap times will be based on a best flying lap with times recorded by officials via transponder
    3. Laps can be run during any or all of the three designated 20-minute sessions held throughout the day's event
    4. A daily winner will be determined for each event
    5. There will be 6 regular season events and a Championship
    6. Teams must participate in a minimum of 3 regular season races and the Championship
    7. Points will be accumulated at each event to determine a season winner
    8. The number of points available for a given event is based on finishing position. Points awarded will be based on the following formula:
      Primary Earned Points = 100 - (finishing position - 1)
      As an example, 1st place finish:
      =100 - (1-1)
      =100 - (0)
      =100 points
      As an example, 6th place finish:
      =100 - (6-1)
      =100 - (5)
      =95 points
    9. Awards and prizes will be given for the top 3 finishing positions at each event
    10. The mandatory series sponsor sticker pack must be displayed on each competing vehicle in accordance with livery guidelines
    11. Each participant is responsible for any and all cleanup and/or damages, including legal fees caused by themselves or their vehicle during any and all portions of the event. Entrants will not be permitted to compete in subsequent events until damages are paid in full
    12. Participants that drive unsafely or exhibit unsafe behavior will be immediately disqualified and removed from the event without the refund of any entry fees at the sole discretion of Spec Panther officials
    13. Any vehicle that spins, loops or leaves the track surface (4 wheels off) for any reason will be black flagged and required to report directly to the Spec Panther event steward as soon as safely possible. Multiple black flags issued to a participant will result in the loss of championship points or immediate dismissal from the event
  14. Protests

    1. Any participant may file a rule protest against any other participant by submitting a written inquiry directly and in-person to the Spec Panther event/competition director, along with a $200 protest fee.
    2. Protests may only happen during the actual event wherein the car or driver in question in participating. Spec Panther officials will immediately review the request and make a determination on the inquiry.
    3. If a participant is deemed to be in violation of the rules, a championship points penalty to be determined by the competition director will be assessed or they will be immediately placed in the exhibition class and the protest fee will be returned to the protester.
    4. If the inquiry is found to be within the confines of the rules the protest fees will not be returned and both participants will be returned to the event.
    5. Protests must be filed during the event and at least 30 minutes before the scheduled awards ceremony.
    6. This is supposed to be a friendly competition; our preference is that the competitors talk to each other about misunderstandings before filing a formal protest.
  15. Conduct

    1. Conduct detrimental to the series/sponsors/competitors
    2. All competitors of Spec Panther series shall uphold the Basic Event Rules in order to promote, elevate and enhance the name, brand and reputation of the organization including its staff, directors, sponsors, volunteers and all those affiliated in any way with the Spec Panther series
    3. ANY act that is ruled to be detrimental to the event, series, sponsors or staff may result in a championship points penalty or removal from the event and/or series.
    4. The competition director will have complete discretion to implement penalties for any reason.
    5. Rules, infraction level, or "spirit of the event" interpretation will be at the sole discretion of the Spec Panther competition director, steering committee or event organizers, and all decisions are final.